Shield Radiology Consulting supports the MERCY CONFERENCE GUIDELINES, “Unique radiology reports are generated for each study. The use of checklist forms is not supported. The necessary components of a formal written radiology report… include patient identification, location where the studies were performed, study dates, types of studies, radiographic findings, diagnostic impressions and signature with professional qualifications.” Page 14.

Shield Radiology Consulting utilizes the standard A.B.C.S. search pattern. For each projection, we evaluate the alignment & anatomy, bone structures, cartilage spaces and regional soft tissue structures. Our radiology reports follow the conventional format; findings, impressions & recommendations. Standard postural / biomechanical adaptations or compensations are always included. We are always willing to work with the referring physician on preferred phraseology and specific lines of mensuration. We will offer suggestions to improve the technical component of your imaging.

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